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single premium immediate annuities

The acquisition or buying a property on annuity can provide a number of benefits both the buyer and the seller, Instead of paying the full purchase price in one lump sum when buying a House, buyer and seller agree on the payment of a monthly pension. The amount of the pension is based on the actually achievable purchase price (plus interest), which will be paid off over a period of more or less. In addition to the pure monthly pension, also paying a one time amount at the beginning of the term can be agreed.

It is not easy to sell a property on basic pension. For one, you have to find once a buyer who wants to buy your property against payment of the pension. This is not easy, because the buyer can not even use the real estate. Once you’ve found a potential buyer, the contractual framework conditions need to be addressed (for example, height and maturity of the pension). And finally, you must consider also whether is the buyers even in a position to pay the agreed pension over a longer period.

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single premium immediate annuities
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