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How to properly arrange the purchase or sale of the vehicle

Buy yourself a new car everyone wants. That is why it is so important to know how to properly arrange the purchase or sale of the car, because it is the key to your existence and possession of cloudless machine or cash from its sale.

How to sell a car?

Let’s look at the whole process of selling a car. To do this, you must do the following steps:

Discuss all the nuances of the transaction with the buyer, so that everyone had an idea about all the steps. For example, at this stage, it is necessary to agree on the price of the vehicle, etc.
Fill in the contract of sale of automobiles.
To issue the passport of the vehicle (TCP).
To organize the process of transferring money.
Return of the car itself.
To give all the necessary documents to the buyer.
Register the car in the TRAFFIC POLICE on the new owner.

Let’s consider in more detail all the nuances of buying machines with hands that can arise. So, in today’s time, the seller must not always make removing machines with registration. That is the preliminary preparations for sale do not need.

The only caveat that must be taken into account is the take care of availability in PTAS. When they are not, at the outset, it is worth getting a new title and then sell their cars.

If this is not done, then the buyer fail to put car on accounting. So if you buy a vehicle, advance book your free place in PTAS.

When documentation problems basically did not arise. You just need to print the form car sale and place all items on the sample.

How to fill in the TCPS?

At the moment in the passport of the vehicle has six places to enter data on the owner. Registration of sale machines should start with filling the next (blank) “window” and complete the information in the following paragraphs:

owner (name);
address (registered address, type);
date of transfer (sale);
document on the ownership of the vehicle;
holder’s signature (or seal) and the signature of the seller;
today’s signature of the owner (or printing);
After that, the buyer gives the seller money and notes this fact in the contract of sale. The seller, in turn, transfers the purchaser all the keys from the vehicle and makes the graph of the Treaty as appropriate.

While a seller must be provided with the following documents: PTAs and copies of forms of sale auto. You must also verify that the car numbers (if necessary, and transit).

That’s all the subtleties of this process. Contingency, however desirable between buyer and seller to Exchange phone numbers. Let’s take a closer look at the registration of cars in the traffic police.

Vehicle registration

At the very beginning of the buyer must examine the diagnostic card car and draw carefully at validity. When the card has not expired, then you can freely using its buy on auto insurance policy. To do this you must only apply to any insurance company.

When this card expiration date has expired, then for its extension should pass those. examination, and then deal with the insurance policy. If you have to be an insurance policy , then you can register without slowing down the car in the TRAFFIC POLICE.

Then you can freely ride his new car without fear of fines and claims from the TRAFFIC POLICE for using the vehicle. However, many car owners produce selling/buying by proxy. Let’s take a look at and we this type of acquisition vehicle, that was something to compare.
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