How to prepare for the negotiations

To win you must negotiate carefully to them to prepare, taking into account even the slight nuances. The success of the negotiations affect the place. It is best to hold them in his Office, is fine and neutral territory, you will create a relaxed atmosphere in which each of the participants will feel free.

How to prepare for the negotiations

Analysis of the issues. Pondering over how to prepare for negotiations, you should analyze the issues that will be discussed in the course of them. It is necessary to define the goals, objectives and desired results. If the talks will take place in the composition of the delegation, then you must first distribute tasks for each participant to opponent left no argument against it.

The time. Famous businessmen on questions about how to win negotiations, are advised to choose the right time. Not recommended to appoint important talks on Monday morning or Friday evening, because usually the beginning and end of the working week is very rich, but it is not the best time, because participants will focus entirely on other things. Better to appoint negotiators to the middle of the week, then they will be much more successful.

Preparation of documents and materials. That meeting was held successfully, you should, before you negotiate with the client prepare visual materials and documents that may be required during their conduct. And give them the second side of the kindly, so she was able to become acquainted with them. If there is no such option, you can distribute all materials directly on the negotiations and give the participants time to their study.

Rehearsal. If the negotiating parties living in different countries, you can spend them on the phone. Just before negotiations over the phone, it is recommended to carefully rehearse his speech to make his opponent a good impression. Because the phone won’t be able to see his reaction to those or other offerings, you should advance to its position and resolve possible objections. But before you begin negotiations, you must first break the ice by talking about something neutral to thoughts necessarily match, and only after that already go directly to fact and teach facts. The success of the negotiations in many respects depends on preparation for them, so you don’t need to regret at this time and effort, then will come out the winner.

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How to prepare for the negotiations
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