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Budget stations in Egypt

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Egypt - State budget

Egypt - State budget, Egypt Government budget value, Forecasts, statistics, charts and economic calendar - Egypt - State budget.

Egypt - practical tips - travel tips

Movies are expensive and sometimes poorly stored in Egypt, International car rental companies like Hertz, Avis and budget have offices.

Egypt budget this is called «budget» Palestine war that reaped the bulk of the budget, and «clear» property allocations and under surveillance,

Egyptian Finance Minister said he expected Member budget deficit in the current fiscal year, 11.5% of GDP.

How the impact of declining oil price on greatest State budgets declared Arabic to 2015, which possess greater Saudi Arabic budgets

Egypt experiencing a crisis in foreign currency resources budget next fiscal year

Said Dr Mahmoud Sakr, head of the Academy of scientific research to Egypt on their way to self-sufficiency of crops, stressing that the food gap now narrowing continuously.

While the Government failed to abide by the Constitution for the education and health budget in the State budget, have resorted to using some tricks to fill deficit. And on the status of the armed forces in the Constitution, the Constitution on the eligibility of the Parliament to discuss the budget for the armed forces.

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Taxes on beer and cigarettes revive Egypt’s budget by 20 billion dollars. The Egyptian Government said recently it is considering local nitrogen fertilizers industry liberalization, including liberalization of the natural gas cost.

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