Why is it almost impossible to find a low doc loan

You need to provide a lot of documents for a mortgage. It’s not necessarily a bad thing-lenders simply want a clear financial picture of your borrowing power.
However, some home buyers yearn for the days mortgage lenders offered loans low documentation for potential buyers. So what happened?

Bad reputation
Low-documentation loans, also known as low loan document, popular before the housing crisis and the great depression. Many believe that low document loans are an important factor in the financial crisis.

Why is it almost impossible to find a low doc loan

Before the recession, lenders offered buyers loans without verifying their ability to pay. In some cases, the only financial documents visit the buyer to provide just an annual number of income.

Given the lack of oversight, many people lie about their income or have been persuaded by the lender to lie in order to obtain mortgage loans (those loans were often called “liar loans”). Because these mortgages require minimal documentation, the borrowers pay higher interest rates.

The lenders, who knew the high risk mortgages, off loaded with these loans by selling them to investors.

Some good use
Low document loans were not all bad if used responsibly. People who don’t earn income self-employed or those who received low-DOC loans, financial surge-used, because they may not have been the seed of wage and income statements required by conventional mortgages. Customers who have opted for financial privacy best price also prefer low document loans.
But at the beginning of 2014, new rules for lending made it impossible for home buyers to get loans.

New loan rules
New mortgage rules, released at the beginning of 2014, requires lenders to verify buyers ‘ financial documents, including employment, income, assets, debts, and credit history, types of monthly mortgage payments. Has a debt-to-income buyer, also to be verified.

As a result, had no documents and low-doc loans are available before the recession in near extinction.

If you are trying to get low doc loan, may be the best option for you from a lender with more flexible document requirements. For example, some lenders may be ready to use once the form W-2 or recent pay stubs instead of amounting to more than a year of income. Or they may not need a guide to verification of funds used in the first instalment. You’ll also need a very good credit score and cash reserves.

However, finding a lender that has less stringent requirements document may take a long time so that you may save time by just collect and put everything in order in the first place. In the postrecession environment, most lenders are very reluctant to take on loans that look risky at all, and this is why a package of documents is mainstream now. In most of what is almost impossible to find a low loan document appears first for advice and tips.
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Why is it almost impossible to find a low doc loan

You need to provide a lot of documents for a mortgage.
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