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Things that are not considered in a score FICO

These days it seems that everything in our life has something to do with our credit score. However, there are some things that are forbidden to be checked when a person is considered for credit. Some of the elements that are not considered in your credit report include sex, race, single or divorced, their ethnicity, nationality and religion.
Other factors that should not be considered in its score of FICO are age or place of residence. In addition, while a credit score FICO or credit report can in fact affect the chances of someone getting a job in particular, the information of employment history including dates of employment, wages, fees, professions and names of employers is not included in the credit report.

In the event that employers not an applicant for employment credit check, is important to point out that this type of research of credit does not affect the level of the person’s credit. In addition, when your credit was asked upon by other companies that offer credit cards “pre-approved” credit offers, this type of research DOE does not affect your credit score unless you actually fill out the credit application and have access to your credit report in order to open a new line of credit.

Rent has been another issue to consider credit scores, since normally does not affect the level of credit of a person unless any element, as a payment in arrears has been reported to collections. As unfair as it may seem to some individuals, payments to its owner in most cases will not be reflected in your credit report. Also, as well as situations of rent in relation to how they affect our credit ratings, child support affects your credit in a similar way score. If a person does not pay your child support payments and the category of “in mora”, which simply means behind on your payments, then in this case the person credit score will be likely affected by delinquent support payments child.

Credit scores and credit reports are a tool used for lenders to calculate what amount of risk that’s going to take if the financing of that person in particular. The score FICO allows an individual to be represented in the most fair way with only those factors that could affect a person’s ability to pay off a loan that concerned. This process allows lenders to make faster decisions on the basis of the specific data they need based on a moments notice which provides many benefits to you, the potential borrower, as interest rates lower, lower commissions and not to mention a rapid response, fair or unable to get financing and rates are available based on your credit history and other relevant information.
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