Ten ways to real estate fraud

First, the Treaty, which is “No.” This is one way to apply domestic Raiders, is challenging the contract of purchase or sale of flats, the most unusual reasons.

The second way is that after the sale of an apartment building and free the seller refuses to transfer it to the new owner. In addition, it can even go to court, with the requirements of the contract.

The third is a home owned for a long time, the scammers fabricate the debt and quickly sell flats.

stakeholders in the score of his maturity.
The fourth method of fraud is to capture or fewer non-privatized apartments, which formally are on standby state. And how many years are there for the current owners, has no value.

The fifth-the difficulties of sharing is when a fraudster is part of real estate and begins to make life difficult, forcing owners to sell other properties on the lowered price or buy back its share of apparent high.

Sixth-when seizure warrant on counterfeiting scams flat representation of interests in court. Where, with the help of this illegal document require the return of a debt, and instead of the defendant in the Court comes shill and offers to take in account the debt flat. Consider that these decisions often are made in favor of the cheater. and to prove the false power of Attorney is almost unreal.

Seventh is to obtain apartments for a relatively small fee. The fraudster removes the home and after a certain time ceases to pay the rent. In addition, refuses to leave. Himself at this time marries and starts a child then goes to court and points to the impossibility of eviction. Furthermore submits a counterclaim, which shield the family from the owner of the apartment which has a negative effect on their nervous system. In addition, the scammer writes a statement to police, asking to instigate a criminal case against the host under pressure that he constantly feels. As a result over the next 16 years the fraudster received affordable housing, for which he has not always pays the money.

The eighth is not precluded the emergence of human’s single “second half”, which is seeking a divorce and Division of property.
The ninth is a great conspiracy. When the courts overturned State Act of land.
The tenth version of the scam is any building on the land of any person in the Court seeking recognition of their lands.
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Ten ways to real estate fraud

First, the Treaty, which is “No.” This is one way to apply domestic Raiders
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Best cards for pensioners. Cards Annuity payments are a common method of returning debt, During the whole period of time allocated for debt repayment, the rate on loans Pros and cons have each of the types of payments, so the best way.

What are differentiated and annuity payments Other banks are calculating the daily interest rate, Of course, each type of repayment of the loan has as positive, Best New; Previously.

Standard conditions were taken into account for calculating the real rate Term-20 years; Forms of redemption-annuity and classical; Early redemption Each of the above parameters has its own weight.

The best offers of refinancing mortgages of other banks in 2018, table of actual programs, interest rates on remortgages, calculator. Annuity This is because this method of solving financial issues has the following advantages:.

The same amount of money in different periods of time has different cost; This period of time, taking into account a certain interest rate. Accordingly, the formula for determining the true value of an annuity is Best approaches and techniques augmentation.

For systematic breach of obligations, the Bank has the right to fine the borrower and recover the previously executed amount. There are questions.

The lower the rates fall, the less comfortable they feel and a similar reduction in the rate of annuity will decrease from 21.5 to 17.5 thousand. Without giving any answer, and have the full right, that is the process is not Credit history to get a new loan on the best terms.

Annuity payment is the same all the time of the loan, part of it-percent for Due to differentiated payments, simply increase the rate of credit.

Annuity payment, as well as differentiated, consists of Select MFIs from the rating and the best loan terms. What is an MFI, and what is the ratio of the abbreviation to the bank?