New Asian Tiger is the new Asian Tigers

New Asian Tigers What are the new Asian Tigers, economy, main features, overview, economic activities, Jakarta Indonesia’s capital more Rico among the new Tigers, The term new Asian Tigers arose in the 1990, to make reference to some Asian countries (Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines) that presented economic and social development features similar to “old” Asian Tigers (South Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Singapore). Although they have been through tough economic crisis and recession in 1997, these countries have recovered and have, currently, good performances in the economic area.

Main features

High economic Growth in recent years.

Emphasis on industrial and technological growth.

Export oriented Production. These countries are important exporters, mainly of technological products and manufactured goods.

Installation, especially from the end of the Decade of 1990, of production units (branches) of large multinationals, seeking cheap labour and qualified in these countries.

Investments in the areas of education and training of skilled labour.

Are small countries (in terms of territorial extension).

Go through an accelerated process of urbanization.

Strong presence of national and international financial institutions, especially in the capitals of these countries.

Economics of the new Asian Tigers:


Main economic activities: industry (electronics, petrochemical, automobile and chemistry), mining, livestock, agriculture and fishing.
GDP: $ 312.4 billion (year of 2013)
GDP growth: 4.7% (in 2013)
Exports: $ 228.2 billion (year of 2013)
Imports: $ 206 billion (2013)


Main economic activities: mining, industry (electrical, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical and textile), agriculture and livestock.
GDP: $ 272 billion (year of 2013)
GDP growth: 7.2% (in 2013)
Exports: $ 56.6 billion (year of 2013)
Imports: $ 65.1 billion (2013)


Main economic activities: industry (textile, electronics and apparel), mining, agriculture, fishing and livestock.
GDP: $ 387.2 billion (year of 2013)
GDP growth: 1.8% (in 2013)
Exports: $ 228.5 billion (year of 2013)
Imports: $ 250.7 billion (2013)


Main economic activities: industry (textiles, oil refining, transportation and tobacco), mining, agriculture and fishing.
GDP: $ 868.3 billion (year of 2013)
GDP growth: 5.8% (in 2013)
Exports: $ 183.3 billion (year of 2013)
Imports: $ 187.2 billion (2013)

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New Asian Tiger is the new Asian Tigers
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