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Mortgage program young family

Mortgage program young family - Very often in our time, when a new family is formed , dramatically raises the question of where to live the newlyweds . Now the problem is not as acute as the government helps these families and paying part of the money on the mortgage. Participant in the program may be the family who has not attained the age of 35 , or a single parent family in which the parents have not attained that age. And, of course , the family should need to improve their living conditions .

Necessarily the family must be registered as needing to improve their living conditions . Besides, this family must have sufficient income to generate the actual mortgage or loan. Only in this case the family can expect to participate in this program.

Subsidy , of course, can be used for the acquisition of property , construction of the house , to the payment of an initial installment for the mortgage on the repayment of principal or payment of interest on a mortgage loan received before she was received a subsidy to pay the last payment on account of your of the contribution of a young family who is a member of the cooperative, and for which you purchased the housing.

The size of the subsidy is not less than 35% of the loan amount for young families who do not have children , and at least 40 % - for families with children , including single-parent families with children. In addition, young families who participated in this program, the birth or adoption of the child shall be paid an additional 5 % of the estimated cost of housing. Young family , which has the right to grant , will receive a certificate in his name for the purchase of property .

Validity of this certificate is 2 months from the date of receipt. This certificate holder surrenders to the bank , where the owner’s name opens a bank account, which is designed to enroll subsidies. In this bank young family can get a mortgage . Funds under this program stand out from the federal and local budgets .

In all regions version may differ slightly , to learn more , please contact your local authorities . Should know that the subsidy is available once . Following the acquisition of property , it immediately becomes the property of the borrower, but is pledged to the bank . It is worth noting that the program has the same features as the other programs on your mortgage.

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