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Measurements and demand forecasting considering market entry

Measurements and demand forecasting. Thinking of entering the market with a headache, a more accurate assessment of current and future market size, which will determine everything sold as products-Bayer, anasin, and Wolverine, Tylenol etc. And evaluate their respective sales volume. Equally important future market size means headache, because companies want to penetrate growing markets, the growth in the past was high and stable. Marketing specialists will review all of the factors and trends affecting the development of the market means headaches, make a prediction about their prospects.

If the forecast was encouraging, he will decide how to enter the market, which consist of many types of consumer goods, many needs? Consumer groups have formed according to geographical criteria (regions and cities), and the demographic characteristics (sex, age, income level and level of education), belonging to a social class or lifestyle, as well as behavioral reasons (reasons for benefits, shopping, rate of consumption). Distribution to consumers into groups based on different needs or characteristics or behavior is called segmented market.

Consumer market segment consists also in response to the same set of marketing incentives.

Consumers who choose stronger regardless of price, one part of the market. In another section would be their first of all draws attention to the price. Unlikely that all consumers depends on the chosen first in one House and the same brand. Therefore, the company had the foresight to focus on the specific needs of one or more market segments. Necessary to draw a picture for all target segments of the market, and describe them on the basis of various qualities inherent to rate the attractiveness of each as a marketing opportunity for your company.

Choose the target sectors of the market. The company may decide to go out on one or several specific sectors of the market. If you divide the market pain in three locations in the intensity of consumer needs (quick relief, progressive long term relief) into three groups based on age (youth, adults, elderly). Compare the density of consumer needs and age can distinguish nine potential market segments.

And intensity of consumer needs;

Focus on a single slide. The company may maintain only one part of the market. In this case, the long term work-dwelling to a group of middle-aged persons.

Guidance on customer need. The company can focus on consumer needs. In this case, constant pain procedures are produced for all types of buyers.

Go to consumers. The company may decide to produce all kinds of pain medication required for a particular group of consumers. In this case, people in middle age.

Serving multiple, unrelated segments. The company may serve multiple market segments, loosely connected, except that each one opens to the company an attractive opportunity.

The scope of the entire market. The company may decide to manufacture a whole range of analgesics to serve all segments of the market.

When entering a new market, most businesses begin with one service segment, and if that effort, including gradually and others. Sequence of development of market segments should think carefully of the comprehensive plan. A good example of careful planning to enter the market, he is caught the dominance of Japanese companies. Sneak into a piece of land, market attention get an account name of satisfied customers, and spread its activities to other sectors only later. Take advantage of these marketing formula, they finished an impressive share of the global auto market, cameras, watches, consumer electronics, steel, newly-built ships, etc.

Larger companies strive for full coverage of the market, turning to different market segments with different proposals. But it’s a risk that, in certain sectors of their firms will focus on meeting the needs of these sectors.

Product positioning in the market. If the company decided to market aspirin to focus on users ‘ activity of the elderly, it should identify all products offered today on a specific slide, as well as to exactly what you want from painkillers consumers that make up the part. The shape you must clear the market, which differ from each other in the process of the stamps, as they announce the price and so if he was trying to make is the exact same wretchedness one available on the market, and buyers have no reason to buy it.
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