Implement marketing information system marketing activities to develop targeted marketing

All decisions concerning the marketing mix components depends largely on the particular product company approved for GPS. Each section of consumers who prefer high softness, positioning suggests that this drug should be at least equally soft in its effect or even softer, high quality used packaging. Should apply to the market in a few different packages. The price should be higher, it must be sold in retail drug market reputation for headaches. Regarding this brand should avoid lower prices and sales promotion activities, which can reduce the image. From all this it is clear that a decision about the positioning of goods on the market is the basis for the development of targeted marketing mix.

implementation of marketing activities the marketing information system can consist of four systems


Internal reporting system indicates the level of current sales, costs, volumes, inventories and cash flow statements of receipts and disbursements.

Establish a system for gathering information on current foreign marketing, provides daily information on developments in Wednesday trading.

Search marketing system design to ensure the collection of information relevant to the specific company facing marketing problems.

The information analysis system that uses modern methods of statistical processing of data and models to facilitate the adoption of optimal market leaders marketing marketing solutions.

Planning of marketing system includes two systems: strategic planning, the goal is to ensure that the company finds and develops a strong production and reduces or completely collapse weak; marketing plan , which aims to develop plans for each individual production or product or company brand.

Indeed, the company would put two annual plan and promising. A five-year plan outlining key factors and forces that will affect the market in the next five years, as well as basic strategy techniques for the conquest of the intended market share seals and get the desired profits, quantify the costs and expected revenues.

Then put the yearly plan extended version of the summary of the five year plan for the first year of implementation, which gives a summary of current marketing situation, enumerating the existing threats and opportunities and goals and problems facing commodities set out in the strategy for allocations is determined by the order of the control. The plan becomes primarily to coordinate all activities of production, marketing and finance.

Marketing service system should contribute to the achievement of marketing objectives: in a small company, it can be a person who deals with marketing research, marketing, advertising, customer service, etc if the company is large, contains a number of specialists in marketing: service marketing managers, vendors, researchers, marketing specialists and managers of commodity production, controlled by market segments and customer service workers. The marketing department manages the execution of all marketing tasks.

Organizations marketing schemes. When you create a marketing departments often choose career management: accountability for each marketing function carries an independent Manager, reporting to the Vice President of marketing.

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Implement marketing information system marketing activities to develop targeted marketing
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