Identify the main components of marketing activities

Tion of Pharmacy marketing purpose to teach students to identify the main components of the marketing activities and concerted action to develop marketing complexes.

learning objectives

model of skills for students:

Determine the characteristics of marketing;
Use a range of marketing concepts;
Determine levels of demand, including desired level of demand for these goods;
Compare the five approaches (concepts) to manage marketing and choosing the most appropriate to the situation;
Determine the impact of marketing on people.

Tasks, solving situational tasks, and discussion with questions on the subject of teacher training.
Tasks in the subject

Solving situational tasks: modern complex reality is that advertise a lot of goods that can’t buy a buyer, causing irritation of the majority of the population. Properly, the Government comes in to allow such advertising goods, unnecessary to meet “necessary material needs a minimum of life and real needs? And what is your position?.

Coca Cola company is a responsible company that produces soft drinks, meet consumers ‘ tastes. But consumer protection and environmental groups on Wednesday imposed on the following charges:

Coca Cola drink represents consumers little nutritional value.
Coca Cola sugar and phosphoric acid harmful to teeth.
Brominated vegetable oil used in drinks, Cola, removing from the list of products recognized the quality of foodstuffs and medicines and cosmetics in General, harmless.
In some cases, noted that Cole caffeine cause convulsions, insomnia and digestive disorders and potential damage.
Use of saccharin, included in diet soft drinks Coca Cola tab, prohibited by the quality of food products, medicines, and cosmetics.
Soft drink industry is increasingly using bottles of non-negotiable and non-refundable.
Definition of the concept of marketing, corresponding to a given situation. Give a rationale. Get compared with the situation of non-alcoholic beverages.

The function of the Organization and economy of pharmacy is the science which aims to find the most effective means and methods of pharmaceutical assistance, timely and affordable for specialized treatment and prevention. Goals of OEF as science is an organization of the system:

Creation and production of new medicines and other highly effective treatment and prevention and diagnostic tools for the pharmaceutical assortment;
Quality control of pharmaceutical goods;
Medicines and other pharmaceutical products to the consumer group.

What is the position of the subject of marketing operation enduring freedom based on the definition of subject knowledge and its functions? Develop a plan for marketing activities, given the current state of pharmaceutical services. It should be noted that the main objective of this strategy is the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

When you run this task with existing laws and regulations, and regulations, a list of recommended literature.

Select the test case: visitors pharmacy want or need or request, if one of them drug prescriptions issued regarding the need to treat diseases, others have the desire to buy vitamins and bandages, and preventive medicine, sanitation and hygiene. Decide whether it should be a product of the above stuff and tools? Whether the product range matured chose drugs when the current state of pharmaceutical services? What type of treatment is carried out, if customers pay for goods purchased via cash desk?

The following situation analysis and select the appropriate type of demand and marketing goals.

In order to limit access to medicines and self-medication, addiction, reduce the demand for prescription medicines free of charge or on preferential terms, agreed rules for wholesale and retail sale of medicines, health care products and medical equipment.

If there is a full range of choices customers are more willing to get medications (pills, drops, mixtures, etc) of funds imposed by injection. She did not call for new medicines, but unknown in the pharmacy by consumers.

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Identify the main components of marketing activities
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