Effective management decisions in an objective and subjective factors

Effective management decisions in an objective and subjective factors, any administrative decision makes sense it’s effective. However, it should be borne in mind that influenced the effectiveness of objective and subjective factors in decisions regarding this possible bad allocation-and semi-structured decision. When you use quantitative analysis methods and electronic data processing.

Application of economic methods of management problems EMM sports as a selection criterion allows you to use the function, you usually need to zoom in or out. This approach is called for optimal decision making. Maximize you profit, income, productivity and reduce costs of time intervals, unproductive losses etc solution adopted as a result of the comparison of quantitative values of the objective function for all possible options, any effective solution will delivers the most desired objective criterion value (maximum or minimum).

The options are applied to decisions semitrailers to evaluate a system weighted criteria. Let’s say we have a few travel companies wishing to work. But every one of them provides the conditions for cooperation. You have to decide with whom to work. This design is made a comparative analysis of all the options available with a focus on the more important criteria for us. Might be worth a photo company discounts and benefits, quality, geographical location, etc.

Named parameters different significance, so enter the weight coefficients. Comparative evaluation are defined for each company against each criterion by multiplying the ratio of weight of expert assessment factor. For example, according to price equals weight factor for expert assessment, 9-8, and the result is 72. Similar calculations for each and every company, and as a result we get an overall assessment. However, quantitative estimates must be approached very cautiously because of that. In this regard, to choose the best alternative should be governed by certain rules (principles)

After the proceedings relating to the versatile monitor selection decisions possible consequences assessment to achieve it. It must include economic, social, institutional and political life of the institution.

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Effective management decisions in an objective and subjective factors
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