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Define the basics of organizing exhibitions and markets technology as a tool to manage connections

Define the basics of organizing exhibitions and markets technology as a tool to manage connections, The materials and determine the essence of opposition activity, the history of origin and development. Define the basics of organizing exhibitions and markets technology as a tool for managing connections. Peculiarities of organization and structure, planning and management of speaking activities. Basic exhibition activities provide economic and financial support.

Origin and development of exhibition activity. The origins of art gallery and the appearance of the work of the exhibition. History of the development of modern technology in the design of exhibitions. The role and place of public relations-communications in exhibition activity of the organization. Integrated marketing communications system Gallery.

Exhibition language of the case. Language and the conceptual apparatus of speaking activities. Fairs and markets technology as a tool for managing connections. The main goals and objectives and rules governing exhibition information and analytical activities as a means of managing marketing communications exhibition. Contact management in exhibition activity.

Organization and structure of speaking activities. Job fairs in modern society. Goals and objectives for regulators. Exhibitions and Gallery program. Material and technical base of fair exhibits and activities. Exhibition services market. Types of exhibitions. International classification of exhibitions.

Providing economic and financial activities Gallery. The effectiveness of the activities of the gallery and exhibitions. Psychological basis of exhibition activities. Economy and finance in the work of the exhibition. Costs and pricing in the preparation and implementation of exhibitions. Investment management and attracting investments at trade shows.

Exhibition planning and management activities. Planning methods of work of the exhibition and exhibition programs. Modern management to organize the exhibition. Circle participants planning methods and visitors. Documentation supporting the activities of the gallery. Requirements for running the show and the character.
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