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Concept of improving product claims that consumers prefer products that offer the highest quality and best performance and characteristics

Marketing management can be done from the perspective of five different approaches or concepts: improving production, improve the product, and intensify marketing business marketing social-ethical.

The concept of improving production and says that consumers will with respect to goods that are widespread and affordable, thus driving job improving economic efficiency of production and reduce prices. Fits in two cases: product demand exceeds supply (management should focus on finding ways to increase production); item cost is too high and should be reduced, which requires improved performance.

Concept of improving product claims that consumers prefer products that offer the highest quality and best performance and characteristics, so the Organization must focus on continuous improvement of the product. While big sales promotion effort is required, resulting in “marketing myopia”. Vendor and then falls in love with your product that overlooked the needs of customers.

The concept of intensifying commercial effort say that consumers will not buy the Organization products in sufficient quantities, and if it takes the efforts of marketing and incentives (spending a lot of money on television and radio commercials, posters, etc.).

The marketing concept is based on the claim that the key to achieving the goals of the Organization’s research needs and requests accurately defined target market and ensure the desired satisfaction more efficient and more productive than competitors, and methods. The essence of the concept known as phrases such as “find and meet their needs”, “make something that can be sold, instead of trying to sell what they can generate,” “love client instead of goods”, etc.

The concept of socio-ethical marketing Announces achievement of the cornerstone of the Organization’s capacity to ensure that consumer demand and long term welfare of the consumers and society as a whole. Environmental degradation generated by Wednesday, the scarcity of natural resources, rapid population growth, global inflation, the State of social services. Social marketing-moral balance between three factors: corporate profits and the needs of consumers and the interests of society.

Practical marketing activities has a big impact on people as buyers and sellers and ordinary citizens. And goals: achieve the highest possible high consumption rate and maximize consumer satisfaction, provide consumers with the widest possible choice to maximize quality of life. Many believed that the objective should be to improve the quality of life, but the way to do that-the application of the concept of social-ethical marketing.

Promote this activity as an increasing number of organizations in the field of entrepreneurship, international and not-for-profit areas are fully aware how marketing contributes to a more successful performance in the market. Traditionally, marketing in socialist countries enjoyed a bad reputation. However, some features, such as market research, set vintage names for the promotion of goods, advertising, sales, and introduced there.
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