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Conditions for obtaining a bank guarantee

All credit and financial institutions the requirements to obtain a bank guarantee. These conditions may vary depending on the type of warranty. Such guarantees are issued loans, accrual and payment terms of use, security and target. Commission for issuing the bank guarantee is usually from 1 to 5 per cent annually, depending on its type, amount and pricing of a particular bank. With regard to the loan guarantees for banks typically require security. As always the best security looks firm undertaking (for example, private or commercial real estate) as well as funds on deposit. Guarantee under pledge of deposit least risky from the point of view of the Bank, and even get a bank guarantee, giving a guarantee for money is an easier way. >>> continue reading

egypt tour budget

Traveller’s Guide to Egypt by land prices of necessary paperwork hotels or apartment, transportation, tours and sightseeing, museums have expenses, you select the budget and travel history in suitable hotel and tour schedule.budget egypt. Visit the pyramids of Giza, and see how big was the ancient Egyptians to build this huge pyramids. Heading down to Aswan train, Egypt Nile Cruise Tour experience. >>> continue reading

budget egypt

Find great rates on rental cars from budget to Egypt, read our customer reviews - and book quickly and easily online. Budget stations in Egypt We have a list of stations in Egypt, where you can find cheap prices for car rental from budget. Book you order with us, car rental. Egypt - State budget Egypt - State budget, Egypt Government budget value, Forecasts, statistics, charts and economic calendar - Egypt - State budget. Egypt - practical tips - travel tips Movies are expensive and sometimes poorly stored in Egypt, International car rental companies like Hertz, Avis and budget have offices. Egypt budget this is called «budget» Palestine war that reaped the bulk of the budget, and «clear» property allocations and under surveillance, Egyptian Finance Minister said he expected Member budget deficit in the current fiscal year, 11.5% of GDP. How the impact of declining oil price on greatest State budgets declared Arabic to 2015, which possess greater Saudi Arabic budgets Egypt experiencing a crisis in foreign currency resources budget next fiscal year Said Dr Mahmoud Sakr, head of the Academy of scientific research to Egypt on their way to self-sufficiency of crops, stressing that the food gap now narrowing continuously. >>> continue reading

ability of companies to pay its obligations on time

The ability of companies to pay its obligations on time. This requires that the total amount of total assets. If this is not it, not what it will pay its debts. Do you have enough liquid assets to the company? Liquidity is the ability of companies to repay their obligations on the due date is near. We can talk about the debt owed to suppliers, payroll, tax payments, etc. In order to answer this question you need to determine if the working capital of the company, which is calculated as the difference between assets and short-term liabilities. Measure of liquidity is also the ratio of assets to liabilities short term: usually, if this value is greater than 1. This means that the company has sufficient liquid assets to pay debts. >>> continue reading

Partnership TPP member countries

Transpacific Partnership-TPP What is, member countries, goals, TPP agreement, overview, economic data, benefits to the countries economic bloc formation, Transpacific partnership towards the formation of the largest economic bloc in the world, The Transpacific Partnership, also called TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) is a trade agreement among 12 countries of the Pacific region. The agreement was signed on 5 October 2015 and is expected to be approved in the U.S. Congress, and also by other Member countries before coming into force.>>> continue reading

New Asian Tiger is the new Asian Tigers

The first level of credit system in our country represents a Central Bank capacity building. And his activities are regulated by the law. Enshrined in law targets and tasks, rights and obligations, as well as a mechanism in the face of global expertise CBR and practice. The Bank is an organ of the State leadership and play a “Bank of banks”, enjoys the rights and powers of the monopoly issue banknotes, currency regulation, oversight and supervision of banks and credit institutions, store and manage the country’s gold and currency reserves. These and some other tasks prescribed by law is the competence of the central banks in the world today. And protect the interests of the State, rather than the narrow commercial interests, including some companies and industries and sectors of society. >>> continue reading

Monopoly what types of monopoly in economics

Monopoly what types of monopoly in the economy and the formation of the concept, the disadvantages of monopolistic practices, increase in monopoly profits through trade control, the monopoly is an economic situation that control one company in production and marketing, or just one of these activities, for a particular product or service. Word of Greek origin, is that Mono means “one” and “sell” means Pauline. The term is also used when the monopoly, even with competitors, a particular company or group of businessmen controlled almost entirely on sales for a particular product, leaving a small segment of the market to competition.. >>> continue reading

How to find discount on seasonal things

If the things that are sold in stores are too expensive, then it is not a reason to deny yourself to buyers. Because there is such a thing as a discount. Knowing when one or the other store satisfied sales can be a good idea to save and make themselves pleasant and profitable purchase. But how to find a discount? To make it it is possible, and in different ways. The surest way is to periodically visit the interesting shops. But it soon for those who lives not far away. Usually if the planned or start sales, but on the door of the shop will be had information about it. But even if there are no signs of the news about discounts, you can go inside the shop and explore the showcases, often the sellers simply changing the price tags (for clarity the price tags with discounted prices make out in another, more bright color).

Find out about the sale is not so difficult to get a discount in the showroom. For example, it is worth remembering that typically seasonal things begin to be reduced when the season is coming to an end. After all, you need to update the range and sell what is meant, more quickly. So it will be worthwhile in shops it is at the end of the season. In addition, when there is a new entrance of the goods, then the stuff from the old collection, too, are sold at a low price. >>> continue reading

How to calculate a percentage discount on the calculator

How to calculate a percentage discount, if the hand is no calculator with the ability to calculate interest. This question may well come in head, if the consumer suddenly will be on sale. Make it pretty easy. For example, the price of the goods excluding discounts, but the store Announces him the price at a rate of 20 percent. In this case, the cost of a product to a discount equal to one hundred percent. To find a benefit, you will need to multiply by 20-300 and split into 100. In the end. This simple formula you can easily keep in mind. Once again! The cost of goods increases the percentage discount and is divided into a hundred. An experienced buyer also knows how to knock off. In large commercial networks do is meaningless, since prices are set not by the direct seller, but in small, especially in the tourist the East make it quite real. Here you need to take into account national peculiarities. For example, in Egypt, you can safely reduce the price immediately by 50 percent and to continue negotiations with a gradual rise to an acceptable level. It is important not to exhibit the audacity and try to tune out the mood of the seller. If he’s a calm person, excessive gestures could only enrage him and, in the opposite case, it is necessary to change attacking tack. >>> continue reading

How to prepare for the negotiations

There are two types of interest rates: rate passive or capture, is that brokers pay to providers of resources for captured money; Active or placement, rate is that financial intermediaries of the plaintiffs receive for loans. The latter is always greater, because the difference with the rate of uptake is which allows the financial intermediary to cover administrative costs, leaving also a utility. The difference between the lending rate and the passive is called intermediation margin. rate of interest on commercial definition In the field of Economics and finance, the concept of interest refers to the cost which has a credit or to the profitability of savings. It is a term which, therefore, allows to describe the profit, utility, value or gain a certain thing or activity. A very important this-latest figure in the matter that concerns us since, for example, it established the clear differentiation between what is called the nominal interest rate and the real interest rate. In this list of influencers in the field of interest not can not be neglected figure of the British economist John Maynard Keynes and Milton Friedman American. And is that both experts considered are those who have inspired and influenced the current economy. >>> continue reading
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